Various natural beauty of Jamaica

Various natural beauty of Jamaica

Various natural beauty of Jamaica

Various natural beauty of Jamaica – Jamaica is one of the countries in the Caribbean Islands.

Jamaica is increasingly famous for its tourist attractions that are on the rise as it is today.

where great places in Jamaica are becoming a hot topic of conversation in the online world.

Like the beaches are very famous on the coast of Jamaica with its blue sea water with white sand.

From google search data, every year the search for tourist attractions in Jamaica is increasing.

Well, more and more are highlighting this one country, where this country holds so much natural beauty.

Not only its natural beauty, but also Jamaica is known as the biggest bauxite producing country in the world.

Bauxite is a natural resource which is one of the main ingredients for making aluminum, and also has an iron content that can be used as raw material for making iron.

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The following tourist attractions in Jamaica that we have summarized:

  • Negril Cliffs Diving

Various natural beauty of Jamaica

Negril Cliffs Diving is a very suitable place for those of you who are visiting Jamaica.

This is a coastal area surrounded by high cliffs with super clear sea water.

visitors can play water and can jump from the height of the cliff, which provides a winning tourist spot.

  • Blue Hole

Various natural beauty of Jamaica

Blue Hole tourist attractions that offer mini waterfalls that are very natural, but very beautiful.

with very clear blue water, this place is usually visited by families who bring children to play water.

this place is a favorite tourist spot for families.

  • Dunns River Falls

Various natural beauty of Jamaica

Dunns River Falls the following waterfall attractions, where we can see the beauty of nature.

This place is the most visited tourist destination, both from local and foreign tourists.

tourism can play water with fun here, for those who bring children do not need to worry, because children can play water in the estuary, but must still be watched.

And also other tourist attractions such as:

  • Windsor Mineral Spring
  • Glistening Waters, Falmouth
  • Pelican Floyd’s Bar

If you are visiting Jamica, don’t forget to visit the places above.

Hope you enjoy the tourist attractions in Jamaica.

Thus information about the various natural beauty of Jamaica.