The Fastest Runner From Jamaica

The Fastest Runner From Jamaica

Jamaica is a former British colony which has the largest income in one of the world with its bauxite. With the capital city located in the city of Kingston is an office and business district using the Jamaican currency.

Jamaica is also very famous for having esostic places for the tourism sector such as beaches, mountains and nature that are all green worth trying, when having the opportunity to visit the country.

Which is highly recommended is the beach of the country because it has white sand and very clear water.

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Do you know that in Jamaica you have the fastest runner in the world, who else if not usain bolt, Bolt is a man with a Jamaican pride born in 1986 Who has a myriad of achievements in the world of running competitions, not only the achievements of the carving but has a record of carving with the talent he has, From the year 2002 – 2015 the collection of gold trophies that have been achieved with the 25 gold run race.

The Fastest Runner From Jamaica

The following record and achievements that bolt did

– In 2009 bolt set a record that impressed people by running 100 meter sprints and 200 meter male runners, requiring only 9 seconds and 19 seconds.

From the results of the survey, this Jamaican man running on average at a speed of 40 km per hour only requires 9 seconds.

– Winning 25 pieces of gold in less than 10 years, almost all of the race matches were followed by the runner and as a result he is now listed as the world’s fastest runner, no one has been able to break his record.

Now that Bolt has retired from the world of sprint sports, the last competition to take part in in 2017 was the silver medal, at the age of 34, he was already in his twilight, Are there any runners in the world able to break the records achieved such as bolt?