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Revenue Measures To Be Implemented On March 1, 2013

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Consequent to the tabling of the Revenues Measures for Financial Year 2013/2014, the Ministry of Finance and Planning wishes to advise the public that the following measures will be implemented effective March 1, 2013.

• General Consumption Tax (GCT) Taxable Base to Include the Telephone Call Tax (TCT)
Based on the Government's commitment to broadening the tax base and in keeping with a principle of a value added tax (VAT) and simplifying the tax system, it is proposed that the TCT be included in the taxable base for the purpose of calculating the GCT.
A TCT was imposed on telephone carriers resident in Jamaica. “Carrier” means a person who is granted a carrier licence under Section 13 of the Telecommunication Act. Note also, a carrier includes a person who supplies telephone services.
The TCT is payable by a terminating carrier in the case of international incoming calls and the originating carrier in the case of calls (domestic and international) originating in Jamaica.
- “Terminating carrier” means a carrier who provides termination services on its public network.
- “Originating carrier” means a carrier who provides origination service on its public network.
This measure is expected to yield approximately J$1.3 Billion.

• Application of a Customs Administration Fee (CAF) on all Imports
The inclusion of all fees and taxes paid at the ports (Environmental Levy, Customs User Fee (CUF)/CAF, Common External Tariff (CAF or customs duty) and Additional Stamp Duty (ASD)) as part of the GCT Base.
This measure is expected to yield approximately J$ 1.5 Billion

• Amendment to the GCT Act to account for GCT on the face value of prepaid vouchers/airtime.
This measure is aimed at increasing compliance, thereby ensuring that the GCT collected by non-registered taxpayers is accounted for by the telecommunication providers.
However, this measure SHOULD NOT result in an additional tax liability to the consumers as it represents an administrative measure to correct the current anomaly.
This measure is expected to yield approximately J$ 0.2 Billion

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