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Is dancehall music fuelling crime?

Charity in Hard Times


As I tour the U.S. promoting my new book, The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty , I am often asked if this isn’t the wrong time to call on affluent people to increase their effort to end poverty in other countries. I reply emphatically that it is not. There is no doubt that the world economy is in trouble. But if governments or individuals use this as an excuse to reduce assistance to the world’s poorest people, they would only multiply the seriousness of the problem for the world as a whole.


Beenie Man Takes Belize By Storm

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Beenie Man in Belize
Photo by Tomas Gongora
The 'King of the Dancehall' became 'King of Belize' this past weekend when he inaugurated the Belize Reggae Fest Series in Belize City. Scores of Belizeans stormed the Belize City Center to see his Royal Highness Beenie Man, alongside Reggae crooner Anthony Cruz, Dancehall's 'First Lady' D'Angel, dancer Dyema, and DJ Andrew D of Irie Jam Radio.
The 'Doctor' Beenie Man sent Belizean Reggae fans into frenzy when he made a surprise appearance at the Santiago Castillo Plaza hours before the big event. Mobbed by throngs of eager fans Beenie eventually had to be whisked away for his own well being. 'Attitude Gyal' Dyema also made a big splash at that Plaza, as Belizean Dancehall fans were equally excited to finally see the 'Dutty Fridaze' dancer live.
"I have every Dutty Fridaze and Passa Passa video," states 17 year-old Belizean native Karen. "My mom won't let me go to the show tonight so I had to come down here and see Dyema and Beenie Man. I can't believe it," she says, moved to tears as Beenie Man shakes her hand."

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