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Is dancehall music fuelling crime?

Great Food and Entertainment at CB PAN-X in MoBay

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CB Pan-X Parish WinnersDaisy Crooks just might be the one to watch at this year’s CB PAN-X Grand Final as the 71-year-old clocked 98/100 points for her Pineapple Tomato pan chicken at the competition’s western elimination held in Montego Bay recently.

Quite unassuming, the elderly woman with a quick smile was uncertain she could possibly cop one of the final 12 spots that were up for grabs at the event. A four-time entrant, Crooks had won the Hanover parish title in 2012. But now competing against 34 of the best pan chefs in the west, Crooks simply said, “I wish” when asked if she thought she might win.  And she did. Along with the CB PAN-X Hanover parish title, $40,000 in cash plus various gift packages, Crooks also won second prize in the Grace Tomato Ketchup “Ketch di Taste” Sauce competition.



Cleaning Cars For Profit


Cleaning Cars For ProfitOwning a car is a big undertaking as drivers cough up large sums to purchase, maintain and eventually sell their automobiles. The moment a vehicle is driven off the dealership’s lot, owners are faced with an onslaught of recurring expenses for gas, insurance, servicing and registration. Eager to protect their cars and trucks, drivers are willing to invest in alarms and covered garages, as well as a simple and cost effective solution: cleaning.

“Cleaning is an important tool for the upkeep of your automobile,” says Meisha-Gay Mattis, General Manager at Mobile Xpress. “Sticking to a regular cleaning routine will help to extend the life of your vehicle and preserve its value,” she explains.


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Jamaica's North Coast Primed For Investment

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Saturday, 31 October 2015

On October 7, 2015 The Jamaican Tourism Minister Dr. Wykeham McNeill declared that there is a massive wave of investment on the North Coast of Jamaica.

"What you have happening is people doing business in Jamaica being successful and investing in a...



Africa’s Growing War on Corruption

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Africa's War On CorruptionTo the chagrin of most Africans, the world has long viewed their continent through the prism of the three “Cs” – conflict, contagion, and corruption.

Yet the first two are anything but general. Civil war is confined mainly to particular regions – f...


Self Improvement

If Money Were No Object

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Let’s face it. The business will always need something else. Just like there will always be people who will ask for your help. Where we get caught is when we begin to believe that we can actually bring the

“need” to a close. “If I can just make ano...