As of Tuesday, June 6, customers in Region East will now have their meters read by a third Party Contracting Company, Precision Logistics. Region East consists of the following parishes: Kingston and St. Andrew, St Thomas, Portland & St. Mary.

Employees of Precision Logistics will be dressed in yellow shirt and jeans or khaki pants and will possess identification that verifies that they are contracted to carry out meter reading activities on behalf of JPS. The Meter Reader from Precision Logistics will also drive a motor vehicle bearing a sticker with the words “JPS Contractor.”

Customers are being reminded that JPS employees or contractors who visit your premises should be properly identified and should present their IDs on the request of the customer. If this standard does not obtain, customers should not hesitate to notify the police.

The JPS Meter Reading Programme is based on the company’s ongoing efforts to improve operational efficiency and in recognition of the fact that the meter reading function will change over time, with the introduction of smart meters as part of the overall smart grid roll-out.